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Travel Inspired Nursery

High above the streets of New York City, a modern space was getting ready for a new life. My goal was to create work that is both cute and chic. Fasten your seat belts, batten down the hatches, fill up the tank, and let’s go for a design ride together through this mod blue and orange nursery design!

The entrance hallway and corner of the space was coated with a rich blue velvet hue and hand detailed with a myriad of tiny sparkling silver stars, so there’s always something to wish upon.

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  • modern travel inspired designproject Nurserysam simon

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  • Apr 03, 2015

    Thanks for the Valentine’s Day wishes! Hope you had a happy heart day too I am wornkig on getting the rest of the gallery ready, so many images that I want to include

    — Yaprak

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