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Vintage Posters in the Nursery

I feel incredibly lucky to live and work in New York City. To me, it is a never ending buffet of culture, food and eye candy! One of my favorite parts of town is the West Village. The West Village is a charming labyrinth of tree lined streets with gorgeous brownstones everywhere you look—the pace is slower and the scale smaller than most of Manhattan.

Like any normal person, I always keep an eye peeled for celebs; many reside in the West Village, like Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston and the holy grail of West Village celebrities,Sarah Jessica Parker.

I once recognized Martha Stewart in the West Village while driving 20mph on Bleecker St. by her Chow Chow dog Genghis Khan. I literally said to my partner, “OMG! That looks likeMartha Stewart’s Chow Chow Dog! OMG, and there’s Martha Stewart walking him!” Celebrity stalking…I mean celebrity spotting is fun, but I also enjoy discovering new resources. On a recent visit to the West Village, I wandered into a store whose window caught my eye, La Belle Epoque.

It sits just in from the corner of Greenwich Avenue and Jane Street, and its window is a kaleidoscope of colorful posters.


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  • 1950s-1970sartchildcolorcustomProject Nurseryredecorateretroroomvintage

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