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Trendspotting with Sam Simon at the High Point Market

I traveled for the first time this month to experience the big momma of all the home furnishing trade shows, the High Point Market in North Carolina. Over 75,000 people flood the small town of High Point every six months in search of interesting finds and the hottest trends. […]...

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Why Knot?

Melisa and I recently attended to the Annual Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House. This annual event is the Big Mama of all decorator show house. Besides being a feast for the eyes, the event raises over 17 million dollars for the Boys and Girls Club!

While enjoying the different interiors, we kept seeing the knot design everywhere. There were knot sculptures placed on shelves and dressers. We saw knot book ends, knot-shaped chandeliers, even over-sized drawings of knots. The knot, like its close cousins and fellow current design trends the quatrafoil and nautical motifs, historically originates from both celtic and nautical designs. Let’s get tied up in one of this season’s trends to watch! Why knot? -click here to read more