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Super Fly DIY: Abstract Art with Chalk

What is abstract art? So here’s the deal. Abstract art doesn’t try to represent an actual recognizable image—it’s too cool for that. Instead, artists that work in abstraction utilize random shapes, colors or any sort of forms or marks to achieve the desired look. […]

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Trendspotting with Sam Simon at the High Point Market

I traveled for the first time this month to experience the big momma of all the home furnishing trade shows, the High Point Market in North Carolina. Over 75,000 people flood the small town of High Point every six months in search of interesting finds and the hottest trends. […]...

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Design Reveal: Cute & Chic Pink Butterfly Nursery

I love the process of collaborating with other designers! You know, sometimes a design salad is exactly what is on the menu. On this special project, I was very excited to work with Bracha Schulhoff of  in Cedarhurst, New York. […] Read More...

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DIY: How to Paint a Plaid Accent Wall

I recently painted plaid accent walls as a part of two different projects (how-to details below!), and it’s fitting because Elle Decor cited the popularity of plaid on the fashion runways last fall and its chic reemergence within interior design. This spring I am seeing so much plaid, and I like it! If you want to play with pattern and keep it classic, punches of plaid make everyone smile, from preppies to punks.

When I think plaid, I think of colorful madras or the ever-iconic Burberry plaid. -click here to read full article

Real Luxury with Faux Fur Fabulocity!

This winter has already been SO COLD—some days I’m sure I will turn right into a Sam-sicle! Coming home to a cozy space after being out and about in this frigid weather is just the remedy for grown-ups and babies alike, and to me, that means faux fur!

As a child, I remember my mom getting a mink for a special birthday gift. At six years old, all I saw was my beautiful mother, wrapped in a glamorous shiny fur. However, as a kid I didn’t put two and two together about where my mom’s new coat came from and the cost to the animals. Don’t worry—I’m not going to get all preachy, but here’s the deal. I love texture and all things fluffy, furry and luxurious, but personally, I can’t get past the harsh reality of choosing real fur rather than faux.

We can’t control the world, but we can control our choices. -click here to read full article