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Vintage Posters in the Nursery

I feel incredibly lucky to live and work in New York City. To me, it is a never ending buffet of culture, food and eye candy! One of my favorite parts of town is the West Village. The West Village is a charming labyrinth of tree lined streets with gorgeous brownstones everywhere you look—the pace is slower and the scale smaller than most of Manhattan.click here to read in full

Tiny Tin Dollhouses: A Retro Nursery Accessory

Back in the 1950s, the average home size was under 1000 square feet. Since then, homes have more than doubled in size with the average new American family home being above 2,300 square feet. Is bigger always better? - click here to read in full

Restyled Furniture

While hunting for the perfect dresser for this totally fabulous bedroom I'm designing with a client, I stumbled upon Papaya Tree restyled vintage furniture on Etsy. I couldn't wait to share this find! Papaya Tree is a small company out of Spokane, Washington run by a lovely woman named Lesly. I spoke to her about her process and business. -to read more click here